Who is this Matthew Reid?

Matthew Reid was the critically acclaimed composer/sound designer/musical director/lyricist/soundtrack improviser/one-man-band at Toronto’s legendary Second City comedy theatre for almost ten years. He has been making music since he was the size of a small lamp, and will likely continue to do so until he is the size of several small lamps vertically stacked to the height of an average adult male.

What is he good at?

He has become a specialist in providing music for live comedic and improvised productions, and has performed with members of SNL, SCTV and Whose Line is it Anyway? Oh, and Alyssa Milano said that she liked my work once.

So does he just do comedy music?

In addition to music for comedy, he has also created music for film, television, commercials, theatre, new media and video games. He has also appeared several times on television as a music personality.

He was very charming.

What kind of awesome music does he make?

During the course of his career, he has been called upon to create high quality music in an extremely diverse range of styles: from Baroque to electronica to romantic orchestral to bhangra.

If and when the robots take over, he’ll probably be composing music to their tastes too.

Is he a legit composer, or just some hippie with a guitar?

Matthew graduated from University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music with honours degree in music theory and composition. He studied with some of Canada’s most respected composers including Walter Buczynski, Lothar Klein and Chan Ka Nin. He is eternally grateful to Prof. Buczynski for making him understand two words: “pacing” and “economy”.

Those words are the musical equivalent of Mr. Miyagi’s “paint fence” and “wax on/wax off.”

Does he ever put on a powdered wig and write music using a quill?

Matt is also still a composer of art music for the concert hall. He has created small and large scale works for soloists, chamber groups, choir and orchestra. He also autotuned John Cage 4’33”. Really. He only wears the wig in front of royal clients, but not in hot weather.

This website is matthewcreid.com. What the heck is the C for?


Matthewreid.com and mattreid.com were already taken, so he threw in the C which stands for his middle name,

“Creative”…or “Conscientious”…or, I dunno, “Cletus” – whatever works for you…

Is he trying to be funny?


In another life, Matt’s the other member of the critically acclaimed cult sketch duo, Reid Along with Browning.

They have been called, “The thinking man’s hot bowl of stupid” – by their mothers.

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