Matt’s been composing since black and white televisions were still in use and has made music for

film, T.V., live theatre, video games, and the concert hall.


Check out these examples, why not?


He’s pretty good at it – I mean he did spend thousands of dollars at a reputable university learning how to do it…

As a classically trained composer, he’s especially good at recreating the sounds and styles of music from

throughout history: from Medieval to modern avant garde, and everything in between. As the composer for

Toronto’s Second City , he has been called upon to create high quality music in an extremely diverse range of styles:

from Baroque to electronica to romantic orchestral to bhangra.

Drop him a line about your next project, and he’ll discuss the music to best complement that project and

how he can work with your budget.

If you are a Nigerian prince, please do not drop him a line. The last one that did broke his heart, and it’s still

not quite healed yet.