Matt’s been writing funny songs since he was a kid. His earliest television appearance on CBC’s “Going Great” in 1983 featured a short clip of him suggesting that you “put an atom bomb in Margaret Trudeau’s Ex-Lax.”* Truly.

And he had nowhere to go but up. Recently, for Second City, he penned the very popular “Facebook Jesus” and “Words” (with chorus by Caitlin Howden)

For over a decade now, Matt’s been helping professional comedians write funny lyrics. He’s also worked with The Humber School of Comedy and The Second City Training Centre helping up-and-comers with their words. He helps with phrasing, rhythm, more striking poetry, and punching up jokes. He even writes the whole damn thing for you if you need him to.

If you need help with funny lyrics, drop him a line and he’ll throw on a pointy hat with a feather in it** and talk scrivening witcha.

*CBC may have cut that line, I can’t remember…

**I have run out of feathers, I may have to compromise and use a beak instead.